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Since our founding in 1997 , based on our corporate philosophy of "We will meet the needs of our customers through superior products and services," V&V has been developing its business with a focus on rubber testing machines . I was.
We not only collect and introduce excellent products from all over the world, but also develop our own testing machines and provide high-quality testing machines at reasonable prices.
Regarding quality, we are working to improve quality.
Since our founding, we have focused most of our efforts on improving after-sales service. Even if a good testing machine is made, if the maintenance management is neglected, the performance of the testing machine cannot be demonstrated, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
That's why we always strive to provide fast and accurate service. We are proud of this virtuous cycle in which many customers evaluate our services, which in turn encourages us and leads to further enhancement of our services.
Going forward, we will continue to pursue only the best products, with a focus on rubber, and in order to meet the needs of our customers, placing top priority on improving customer satisfaction.
And, although it is a small effort, I would appreciate it if I could contribute to the rubber industry through the testing machine.
We sincerely ask for your continued support and guidance in the future.
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